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Ginalina's music is available in Canada and worldwide for purchase and streaming. Songs are featured on Spotify Playlists, CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge,     中廣音樂網 Radio FM96.3, Radio-Canada Boulevard du Pacifique, FILA Kids International, Cabin Radio (YT) Very Canadian Children's Special, and more. 

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts


Every child they have a name, every spark can be a flame,

one idea can bloom to fame, small but mighty.

— Lyrics from Small But Mighty

All our roots run deep, they connect, entwine

Like the wild and wonderful cedars.

— Lyrics from The Wild and Wonderful Cedars

Because it takes a village, many voices

Many hands and many hearts along the way

And it takes a heartbeat, many stories

To light a path for everyone to find their way.

— Lyrics from It Takes a Village

Home can be simple, home can be free

Where someone loves you however you be

Of all the things that home can be

Home is family.

— Lyrics from Home Is Family

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