At 18, Toronto-born and Vancouver-based Ginalina picked up a guitar and combed cafes as a shy singer-songwriter.   Upon graduating from University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, she travelled and lived abroad, before starting a career in healthcare. 

Always noodling in her spare time, starting a family with four kids caused inspiration and music to explode in her heart.  On a whim, she layered together a few tunes with an upbeat country/folk vibe, which resulted in a Juno nomination for Best Children's Album.  

It was the encouragement she needed to keep on writing for her own kids, and for others. 

Today, Ginalina is an ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) with five award-winning albums and a collection of 75 songs that can match the heartbeat of any child.  Playful and purposeful, her music has strong themes in environmental care, the power of community, and the value of children.  Every song and show instills a sense of confidence and joy for listeners that lingers long after the last note is sung.  

Ginalina writes music for families that easily transcends that label.  Her focus on tight instrumentation, beautiful melodies, and positive messages lead to a total musical package."

- GoodStuff Podcast

Backed by a band or performing solo, her music is rootsy, upbeat and — perhaps most important for parents — won’t drive you over the bend with repeated listenings."

-  Vancouver Sun

"An absolute treat and such a meaningful part of our festival!"

- Executive Director, Dawson City Music Festival

"Des chansons petites mais formidable"

- Boulevard du Pacifique avec Jacques Rufdesne, CBC Radio-Canada

"Ginalina is our favourite anthem-maker!  Her fun and meaningful songs inspire every child to dream, and every adult to be a champion that kids need."

 - Creator/Director, Starlingskids Children's Festival

"Loved by children, and appreciated by adults."

- Prince George Citizen

Small But Mighty - Ginalina
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Everyone on the Passenger Train - Ginalina
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Apple Tree - Orangier - 櫻桃樹 - Ginalina
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It Takes a Village - Ginalina
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