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Ginalina is a BC ArtStarts Artist-in-the-Classroom and Kala Brand Ambassador who enjoys building community through ukulele workshops (instruments provided), songwriting groups, and family open mic. Have an idea of how to work together, we would love to hear!

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Ginalina's energy was infectious - she introduced 17  children (ages 7-12) to the ukulele through musical games, practical chords, and encouraging open mic concerts.  In one week, the students grew in personal and musical comfort and confidence, and showed a lot of new creativity.  Perhaps most exciting to see was the respectful yet playful way that Ginalina connected with the learners.  This workshop was a real highlight of the summer.

Rotary Arts Centre, Kelowna, BC

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Ginalina was friendly and organized. The students warmed up to her quickly and felt really proud to create a music video together (as featured in SKOPE magazine.)  After the session, Ginalina lead an impromptu dance party and the kids had so much fun!  Very thrilled that these girls had a inspiring interaction with a relatable and down-to-earth role model.  

— Parent, Whitehorse, NWT

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Ginalina était merveilleuse avec les enfants. (En français) elle leur a montré comment tenir le ukulélé, jouer quelques chansons, et surtout... s'amuser !

SDG Les Copains, Vancouver

All ages, from 5 to 95, enjoyed our ukulele workshops with Ginalina.  She made strangers from all walks of life feel comfortable, gave them an instrument, and guided them along so that, by the end of twenty minutes together, everybody felt like one big happy musical family.  

Taiwan Fest, Vancouver

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